‘On-Line/On-Course’ 2010

   “Consistently Lower Your   Scores –  By ‘Thinking’ & ‘Practicing’  Better,  BETWEEN LESSONS  with Joel”  I went from Shooting in the 130’s – to the 70’s – in 1 Year…  Hitting only TWO Buckets of Range Balls…  THE WHOLE YEAR!!!  …Now It’s Like I Have The Pro Right At   Home…  Whenever I Need Him!

From: Joel Date: April 5, 2010  The Masters Is Now With Us! I know you have questions you’d like to ask me – BETWEEN your Lessons – while you Think about your game – and Play & Practice.You know I do everything I can – to help you become “Your Own Best Teacher”…and, up to now, YOU have done a pretty good job of that..

NOW I WANT TO MAKE THAT EVEN EASIER FOR YOU!  Think of me – as a 16-year-old “Golfer Wannabe”.  Here I was, in a family of great golfers – two generations of Golf Professionals before me – including a Hall-Of-Famer no less – yet I could not get the ball AIRBORNE – or break 60 for 9-holes. 


I started playing when I could about walk…but…I got separated from my Dad’s side of the family (the Suggs/Golf side) when I was very young.  I, therefore, really did not have the – time or resources – or family support – to pursue my desire to play well.  I read Golf books at the Library (all “Montana Winter-Long”)- and hit balls on our 10 Acres outside Billings, Montana…but still could not really Play & Practice as much as I wanted – and needed…to really improve.  Similarly, today…YOU want to Play & Practice as much as you can…but often you don’t know if you are doing it properly – to really see your scores improve…as much as you’d like<a href=””>.</a>

Montana Practice hey, man, that’s hi-tech astroturf, and yes, that’s hair on my head
(circa 1976)
…and the Log House we were building, in the background…

I Know There Has To Be A Better Way!  When I finally got to Play more as a Senior in High School…I did not have the resources to Practice…by hitting Range Balls…so I would just study my actual Rounds with great thoroughness…BETWEEN EACH ROUND!  I wanted to know what caused me to Par some holes…and yet Bogey – or Double Bogey – other holes.  I wanted to know – how I could replicate more of those Pars!  I would play one hole like a Tour Player, or maybe even a stretchof a few holes…(4,3,5,2,4)…y’know…  But then I’d look like my old self again, for the next few holes…(5,8,4,7, 5)…you know the feeling, I’m sure! 

 Jack Nicklaus, “I knew I had become a good player when…I no longer needed to have Mr. Grout (his teacher at Scioto C.C.) figure everything out for me.”  There Were Huge Obstacles…  I knew if I could Play & Practice more, I could get better  Yet I did not have the – time or resources – to hit ANY balls at the Range (well, I did actually hit 2 buckets that year.  It seems I remember each and every one of those shots  – from those 2 buckets…they were very precious to me, as you could well imagine)  You, too, I’m sure – have experienced these thoughts: 

  • Obstacle 1 – I don’t have enough time to go to the Range  
  • Obstacle 2 – I got to the Range, but now, it doesn’t seem to help  
  • Obstacle 3 – I hit it really well at the Range the other day, but it isn’t going very well, now that I’m On-Course

But Things Began To Change When…   …I started to simply THINK – more effectivelyBETWEEN my Rounds  

“I learned that football games are not won on Sunday…they’re ‘won’ Monday through Saturday, BETWEEN Sundays.”  Bill Belechick, Super Bowl Champion 


…I had been thinking; “I don’t have a Good Swing”, “I don’t hit the ball far enough”, “I’ll never hit the ball like the guys on TV”, “I’m not Consistent”  …But things really changed when I realized “I DO hit the ball like the Tour Players (on some shots)”…”I DO score like the Tour Players (on some holes)”  …Hey, “I AM like them”, I thought…Just not all the time.  But, indeed, I AM like them AT TIMES!   

WOW, WHAT A FEELING!  …So I intently sat down and Thought about my best shots – and holes – and stretches of holes…BETWEEN MY ROUNDS.  What was I Thinking, Feeling, Doing…Giving My Attention To…during my best shots, holes, rounds?  Real GOLF…SUCCESS started to become more and more a part of my game…as I sought to REPLICATE THOSE experiences…in ALL my shots, holes, rounds. 

Bobby Jones, “Instincts.  Instincts I honed after Paractice combined with Playing. The more I depended on those Instincts – the more I kept conscious control out of mind – the more nearly the shot came off the way I visualized it.”  when asked what he relied on. 


…I remeber writing my Dad in Atlanta…describing specific shots and holes and rounds…I sent him scorecard after scorecard…I even started “counting every shot”…because now it really made a big difference in my score – if I cheated.  I stirred up the courage – and played in my first Tournament…The “1st Annual Cattle Company Amateur”!  What a thrill…as I shot 82,79 – after not being able – to even get the ball airborne – the previous year!!! 

I’ve told you all this because as I get older – and help more and more of you improve…I continue to see…the best – THINKERSBETWEEN LESSONS – are the ones who keep shooting LOWER SCORES and/or keep WINNING More and More Competitions.   

Announcing  “GOLF…SUCCESS On-Line/On-Course”  The On-Line/On-Location 2010 Golf Learning Experience from 



Why I Created This 2010 Golf Experience For You … And This Experience Can Help YOU The Same Way “BETTER THINKING” (At Home) Helped Me!  I’ve Initiated This 2010 Golf Experience For You Because…  I don’t want you to unwittingly waste time in your Play & Practice  I don’t want you to spend needless dollars on efforts that don’t help your Game  I don’t want you to flail away in your Play & Practice efforts  I, and you too, I know…want LOWER SCORES!  Imagine how you will feel when you…are even more CERTAIN about EXACTLY what causes the difference between your Good & Bad…shots…holes…scores  …AND have the On-Line Resources to keep going back to…TIME AND TIME AGAIN…at the comfort of your own Home Computer – or Mobile ComputerPlease Look At EVERYTHING Included In This 2010 Golf Experience!      You – and I both – love RESULTS!!!  Look at all of the things you will receive in this Private Experience… 

  • Private Phone Number to me…to make it easier to speak with  me personally
  • Private VoiceMail to me…to make  it easier to describeyour quesions/observations…in your own words – 24 hours a day/7 days a week
  • Preferred Lesson Scheduling…to insure you see me at Meadow Links at just the right intervals…to fit into your schedule
  • Open Q&A Monthly via INTERNET VIDEO WEBCAST…to ask your own questions…and learn from other Players with the same goals and aspirations
  • GolfPsych Check-Ins…to monitor your ‘Thinking Game” improvement…according to Tour-Proven Methods & Techniques – from the Tour’s Leading Mental Game system – from Jon Stabler and Dr. Deborah Graham
  • MyTPI Fitness Check-Ins…to keep track of your physical progress…and how it effects your Game
  • Online Interactive Workshops…to enable you to have access to Local, Regional and National Leaders from all areas of the Golf Industry
  • 25 Workshops Already have happened and been Recorded and are at this Private Blog, waiting for you to Benefit:
  • GolfPsych Mind Meter w/ Jon Stabler” – 75 minutes
  • “SEE Your Swing At Home” – 60 minutes
  • “SEE Your Swing At Home, Part 2” – 75 minutes
  • “Open Q&A, December” – 60 minutes
  • “ONLY 5 Shots In Golf” – 75 minutes
  • “Open Q&A, January” – 60 minutes
  • “Open Q&A, February” – 75 minutes
  • “ClubFitting Experts; Larry Taylor & Joel Suggs” – 80 minutes
  • “College GOLF…SUCCESS, Miami Head Coach, Casey Lubahn” – 85 minutes
  • “Trying To Play The PGA Tour, Phil Bundy” – 80 minutes
  • “Open Q&A, March” – 50 minutes
  • “GolfPsych, Periodization w/ Jon Stabler” – 75 minutes
  • AND  MANY  MORE  TO  COME  THROUGHOUT  THE  2010 Season !!!!!
  • Tour Player Individual Video Swing Analysis, Monthly…to help you see what specific Tour Players have in common…AND how their Swings differ – AND what that can mean for your game
  • Expert Interview Audios…to help you “pick the brain” of High-Achieving people in the Golf World…and see what you can possibly implement in your own
  • Video Tutorials…to show you how to Play & Practice BETWEEN your Lessons
  • Articles By Me and Guest Expert Authors…describing specific aspects of how to THINK properly – in all phases of your Game (especially BETWEEN your Lessons)
  • Merchandise/Play/Practice Discounts At Meadow Links…to make it as easy as possible to keep within your budget
  • Whole-Family Access…to provoide more family togetherness in Golf – for Parents & Children, alike

 “When I play my best golf., I feel as if I’m in a fog, standing back watching the earth in orbit with a golf club in my hands.”  Mickey Wright  LPGA Hall-Of-Famer 


 Bobby Jones, “No, I detested hitting ball after ball to a field.”…when asked if he liked to Practice. 


 “Golf is very much like a love affair.  If you don’t take it seriously, it’s no fun…if you do take it seriously, it might break your heart.  Don’t break your heart, but flirt with the possibility.”  Louise Suggs LPGA Hall-Of-Famer 


   What Can This 2010 Golf Experience Do For You?  Putting together an experience of this magnitude requires a huge commitment from me, as you might have guessed. But I know this will give you LOWER SCORES and MORE ENJOYMENT in your Game!  I know it will also give you… 

  • More Certainty About The Exact Usefulness Of Each Our Lesson Times
  • Less Frustration In Your Practice & Play 
  • More Confidence When You Do Play On The Course
  • Less Confusion About the Things You’re Working On
  • More Consistency In Your Shots, Holes and Rounds

   And I know this information will SAVE you in many ways… 

  • SAVE Time – Let me show you once – and you can watch the same Instruction over and over and over…since this valuable Instruction – will be ON YOUR COMPUTERFOREVER  
  • SAVE Money – As you know…it often seems I’m trying to get most people to take FEWER Lessons from me.  I want YOU to continue becoming “YOUR OWN BEST TEACHER”. GOLF…SUCCESS On-Line/On-Course provides another way for me to help you produce that result. 
  • SAVE Energy – Why work hard at your game, but not smart?  Let me help you with this step-by- step plan so you do not waste precious time and energy on efforts that just don’t work for your Game!

Why You Should NOT Buy This  2010 Golf Experience…  By now I hope you understand the power of what this 12-Month Experience can mean for you and your family. But there are definitely some Players who should NOT buy this course… 

  • Do not get this Experience if you don’t consider yourself a ‘Good Learner’! Of course, you’ve proven to me – your Learning Skills are above average…but I really want you to be the honest judge for yourself.  
  • Do not buy this 2010 Golf Experience if you are going to put it on the ‘shelf’ and not use it! I created this 12-Month Experience to give students, like yourself, freedom and happiness in their Game…not create a guilty conscience for failing to act.  
  • Do not buy this 2010 Golf Experience if… You think there is a way to be “Touched and Healed” by some “Miracle Golf Cure” or Instructor. …I’ve known you long enough to know you really don’t believe that.  This simply will make your hard work more and more productive  

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The Bottom Line… 

“The most challenging distance in golf?  The six inches between the ears.”  Bobby Jones

The best PLAYERS have learned how to THINK well – BETWEEN – their rounds. 

…So…I am a 3rd-Generation Golf Professional, and know of no better way for you to benefit from my: Education, Experience and Expertise in such an affordable – and personally convenient – manner – BETWEEN LESSONS

…it’ll be like – having me at your home – whenever you have a question! 

I’ve never heard of anything like this Golf Experience that I’m offering you…just like you had probably never heard of ANYBODY improving their scores from the 130’s to the 70’s…in one year…WITHOUT hitting RANGE BALLS. 

If you tried to get this Education, Experience and Expertise on your own…you’d be frustrated.  You’ve improved so much, up to this point …partly…because you HAVE tried to benefit from my Education, Experience and Expertise…through your Lessons with me. 

But you don’t have to go through quite so many ‘hard knocks’ on your own, because I have…brought as much as I possibly can…together in one place…in this 12-Month On-Line Experience. 

So, I want to make this 2010 Golf Experience affordable…because it represents a way to freedom. It represents a way that you – and your other golfing family members – can take more independent control over your Golf Game 


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  “Your understanding makes the proper swing.  The proper swing does not create the understanding.”  Michael Hebron  PGA Master Teaching Professional 


And Now…The Rest of the Story! 

So now you have heard my…more personalized…story – of how I really began to experience my own GOLF…SUCCESS… 

Again, I know what it is like to be out there…trying hard to shoot lower scores…but frustrated…because I’m not shooting the Scores I think I’m capable of shooting. 

But I found my – personally defined – GOLF…SUCCESS…by – THINKING BETTER – BETWEEN  – my times at the course. 

And I was a young boy in Billings, Montana…with no one to help me…and essentially No Range Balls to hit for Practice! 



So won’t you continue – to let me help you…in this new, creative and additional manner? 

I want you to – more fully – experience your own, unique – GOLF…SUCCESS. 

So here is what you can do…(after your laughter from the above photo has died down) 

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Your continuing path to“Better Thinking For Better Scores” is just a click away! 




Joel C. Suggs, PGA Master Teaching Professional 

who knows that…”As a golfer thinks in his heart, so is he” 



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